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Drawing drawings G-Nib version

So I ordered these G-Nibs in the mail a few days back and they arrived exceedingly quickly. Today, I decided that it would be good to try out drawing a couple of images from Shirow Masamune's Appleseed (without any penciling) just to see how the G-nib felt. Well... I think I have found my new nib love.


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So here's the second installment of drawing drawings. I find it amusing to poke fun of the fact that I find writing dialog quite challenging. I also find drawing manga type stuff really hard. SO... without further ado...


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Drawing drawings.

As part of a new year of Getting Shit Done, I've started trying to do drawings of other people's drawings. Exercises... it's like playing scales. Playing other people's songs. So first things first, I thought I'd take my man rev'D's stuff and do my own interpretation of a character. Goal: to loosen up, get the feel for what I'm doing, and to have fun with markers.

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Tuesdays with my brain

So here it is, another great Tuesday. Second day of the week that always feels like it never has quite the momentum it should have. A negative second derivative.

Coffee in a newly found/cleaned travel mug. No spills going up the stairs. Rocking out to Miles Davis's Pharoah's Dance and the rest of the Bitches Brew album. Thanks to my good friend David Patty/rev'D for that.

Speaking of Mr. Patty, we've been tossing around some ideas for a comic. Here is a teaser that certainly made me get all tingly with excitement. Hopefully more will come from my end of things in the next couple of days.

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The Big Shill

benchilada has set up the Big Shill again this year for people to promote their art for sale. Go check it out! Go pimp out your own stuff if you can!

For your own purchasing pleasure here, this is a reminder that I have comics for sale, as well as original art and prints at my etsy store. Prices range from $5 to $50. $5 for comics. $50 for an 11"x14" original.

For example, there are some awesome He-Man and She-Ra linocut block prints that can be had there!
He-Man Linocut

I also have Sky Cat Battle and Sky Cat's Kingdom posters as well as two other prints from my sketchbooks available over at my imagekind store. They are print on demand giclee prints. I can personally vouch for the high quality of the prints. Even the cheapest paper they have is super thick and nice. Luxurious, even!

You should really consider getting a Sky Cat print for practically everyone you know.
Sky Cat Poster
The Sky Kingdom
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Sky Cat's Sky Kingdom

Sky Cat lives in a magical land of floating islands. The inhabitants get around on flying turtles and occasionally on flying eels. Schools of winged fish and butterflies flitter and fly around the city.

In other words, I just finished this drawing, which I think was possibly more grueling than the last Sky Cat one. I'm excited about how it came out, though I'm pretty exhausted from making it.


The Sky Kingdom
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You just can't stop me.

Oh, you thought that last Sky Cat poster was the last of these ridiculous things I've been drawing lately. But, NO!! I decided to draw another one of these things... Sky Cat's Magical Kingdom.

Sky Cat's Sky Kingdom Inks

I'm busy coloring it now.

I figure one/week of these on top of the 5 pages/week of Angel and the weekly church bulletin illustrations plus any other things like laundry and drawing group and cooking dinner so it's ready for when my wife gets home and taking the dog out and doing other freelance jobs is a good pace to keep. So I'm going for it. Another poster, another week.